Technical Agile Behaviour Driven Development BDD 2 Day Training Course

Learn about a “Collaborative Test First Approach” with this great Introduction into Agile Behaviour Driven Development BDD 1 day training course.

Behaviour Driven Development, or BDD, is a process to build and test software that has emerged from Test Driven Development (TDD) practices. BDD will help software professionals to focus on; where to start when building software, what to test, how much to test, understanding the tests and what to build.

This two day course is suitable for software development professionals and will help technical and business professionals to collaborate effectively through using a common language during product software development. The course will also give some practical experience of implementing and automating BDD tests in a project. Implementing and using BDD effectively will help to speed up feedback, focus on value, improve teamwork and provide you with high quality, documented tests and specifications.

Recommended for:

  • Computer Programmers/Software Developers
  • Testers with Some Programming Experience

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Behaviour Driven Development BDD
  • BDD Scenarios vs Acceptance Tests
  • Relationship Between Testers & Developers
  • Tooling
  • Building An App Using BDD