McKenna Consultants have a team of agile coaches who are experienced and successful in guiding medium teams. Whether you need coaching to help embed learning and instil an agile culture or to deliver an agile project for a client, our coaches have a proven track record of helping organisations like yours achieve just that.

Our agile coaches have worked with teams from a range of backgrounds and industries, whether they are building an internal product, working on a new product to the market or working on a Government software development project that must comply with the Government Digital by Default Service. This means that our coaches can help your teams to not only become more efficient themselves, but to also grow and work with the rest of the organisation, with customers and suppliers.

Our approach to coaching is straight forward. We will not dictate, order or boss the team about. We will guide, facilitate and mentor, leading to empowerment of the team and a successful agile adoption.

Some of the coaching services that we offer medium teams are:

  • ScrumMaster Mentoring
  • Product Owner Mentoring
  • Senior Management Coaching
  • Kanban
  • Government Digital Service (GDS) for Agile Projects Coaching
  • XP Practices (TDD, Pair Programming etc)
  • Planning
  • Estimation
  • Managing Stakeholders
  • Scrum of Scrums
  • Retrospectives
  • User Story Workshops
  • General Troubleshooting
  • Coach the Coaches

From experience we know that our most successful agile adoptions occur when coaching immediately follows the concepts learned through training. That being said, McKenna Consultants can still provide coaching to teams already trained and already doing agile.

If you are interested in some agile coaching for your medium team from one of our experienced coaches, then please get in touch via our Contact Page.