McKenna Consultants Ltd are proven and experienced agile coaches based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire near Leeds, Bradford and York. We offer a variety of training, coaching and consultancy services to educate, empower and develop your team, ranging from agile training courses, software development team coaching, executive and leadership consultancy to Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) training, certification and coaching. We are also one of the first companies in the UK to offer Management 3.0 certification. Our reputation as effective agile transformation consultants stems from our experience of actually running a bespoke software development business, meaning that we practice what we preach on a day to day basis.


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Training Courses

Continuous, relentless improvement, learning and self improvement are at the heart of agile and one of the most important things that an organisation can do to motivate, enable and reward their staff.

McKenna Consultants have a range of training courses available to give your team the knowledge they need to either set them off on their agile journey, bring them all to the same level or to advance them to the next level.

Our courses range from An Introduction To Agile Software Development, Product Ownership, Test Driven Development and Management 3.0 to Leading SAFe®. Some of our courses even come with certification from recognised industry bodies such as the Scaled Agile Inc (SAI). Find out more about our training courses now.

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Individual and Team Coaching

Coaching is a vital component in instilling changes within your organisation.

McKenna Consultants are experienced agile coaches and can provide you with on site, hands on individual and team coaching to help your staff be the best that they can be. We offer a range of coaching such as Certified Scrum Master coaching, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) coaching, technical team coaching (for example TDD, BDD, CI) and senior executive coaching.

To find out more about our types of coaching, visit the coaching area of our website.


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Leadership and Enterprise Consultancy

In order to truly instill, develop and maintain change in any organisation, the change needs support from the top. McKenna Consultants are experienced in working with senior executives, directors and leaders to troubleshoot, investigate and devise strategies for successful change and agile adoption.

We offer a range of consultancy services such as; board presentations, organisational health checks, product development and running large scale software development operations across multiple countries and continents.

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